Making business services a utility which powers your vision.


Enabling your success by being your trusted partner in business services in a constantly changing and disrupted world.


Trusted Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Temasek Management Services (TMS), is a member of the Temasek ecosystem of companies. We specialise in events and end-to-end digital business services to help companies perform to their utmost potential in increasingly disrupted industries and economies.

Over the last 30 plus years, TMS together with its family of subsidiary companies including Trusted Services and Trusted Board, have evolved and transformed while collectively building solid and trustworthy experience in providing Finance, HR, Board Services and Corporate Events Management services to support the growth of our clients’ businesses.

Today, Trusted Services’ strengths and abilities to provide “one stop” business and events services – including digital solutions – to our clients make us unique, and differentiates us from our peers. Trusted Services currently has a team of approximately 120 people based in Singapore, serving a comprehensive client network spanning multiple key industries.

A Subsidiary of Temasek Management Services